Company Profile

Qingdao Oceanview Chemical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Oceanview Group, is a reputable company in China for manufacturing & supplying of drilling chemicals and high polymers to Oil & Gas Drilling, Mineral Exploration Drilling, Geothermal Drilling, Water Well & HDD, Foundation Drilling and Construction industries. The company was established in 2002 in Qingdao China.

Over the years, Oceanviewchem has continued to develop and expand its products portfolio in its goal to aid the industry in the efficient of development of Oil & Gas, Mining, Geothermal, HDD and waterwell industry resources throughout the world.

Today, after one decade effort, Oceanviewchem operates a large and technologically advanced manufacturing facility producing a wide range of high quality drilling fluids and mud products. Oceanviewchem facility has been conferred the prestigious API certification in addition to a fully implemented and audited ISO Quality management program. We aim to provide top quality products made in China to overseas industries, meanwhile commit to developing and maintaining solid, long-term relationships with our customers. They are the most important part of our business.

  • The leading supplier of Polyanionic cellulose PAC

    Polyanionic cellulose (Poly anioniccellulose) referred to as PAC, is from natural cellulose by chemical modification and the obtained water-soluble derivaties of cellulose ethers, is an important water-soluble cellulose ether, white or slightly yellow powder, non-toxic, tasteless. It can be dissolved in water, have good heat stability, and salt-tolerance, anti-bacterial and strong. The product slurry prepared with a good drop of fluid loss, and suppression, of a higher temperature. Widely used in oil drilling, especially in salt water wells and offshore oil drilling.

    With annual export more than 2,000 Metric tons in 2017, our company has become one of the leading suppliers of Polyanionic cellulose in China.

  • One of the leading suppliers of Polyacrylamide in China

    We supply Water treatment PAM, Drinking water grade PAM, Papermaking PAM, Mining PAM, Anionic PAM for Oilfield EOR, Oil water plugging and Drilling Fluids. Especially Anionic PAM dry and emulsion polymer for Oil & gas, Mining, HDD and Waterwell industry, with annual export more than 2,000 Metric tons in 2017, our company has become one of the most leading suppliers of Polyacrylamide in China

  • One of the leading suppliers of biopolymers in China

    As of now, we have been supplying a variety of biopolymers for more than 15 years, currently we can provide xanthan gum, welan gum, diutan gum, guar gum and other polysaccharides such as gellan gum and Pullulan, all the biopolymers are widely used in construction materials, oil/gas drilling and oil recovery, fine chemicals, household chemicals and food additives.

    To benefit from our expertise, contact Oceanview Group today to discuss your company's chemical needs and how we may help you find right solution.