Drilling Fluid Technical Service

We researched many sets of drilling and competion system that applied to different areas of domestic and foreign country.  Our technical service team owns many years experiences, could deal with difficult and special wells. They have been working in both at home and abroad wells many years, and received many praise from customers.
Improve drilling efficiency, increase production levels, and minimize environmental concerns with Oceanview drilling fluid systems, including the following Drilling Fluid System:
  • High Performance Water-based Drilling Fluid

  • High performance strong plugging drilling fluid

  • High Clean Calcium Treated Drilling Fluid

  • Anti Calcium Drilling Fluid

  • Super high temperature water based drilling fluid system

  • Polyethylene glycol silicate drilling fluid system

  • Oil based drilling fluid system

We develop drilling fluid systems that reduce HSE impact, non-productive drilling time, and costs while maximizing wellbore stability and production as well as optimizing ROP.