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December 11, 2020

Perlastan® OCV produced by Schill+Seilacher GmbH

Perlastan® OCV ( N-Oleoyl Sarcosine, Oleoyl Sarcosine )produced by Schill+Seilacher GmbH

Chemical Name: N-Oleoyl Sarcosine

CTFA/INCI name: Oleoyl Sarcosine

CAS Registry Number: 110-25-8

EINECS No.: 203-749-3

Detergent, Corrosion inhibitor, Antirusting agent etc. for machinery .

Detergent, Conditioner etc. for personal care products

Metal corrosion inhibition additive for hydrophobic and hydrophilic formultaions. Chemisorption processes on metal surfaces leads to formation of dense monolayers which acts as protective shield even at low treatment levels.

Perlastan OCV has hydrophobic character in its acidic state. Neutralization with MEA, TEA, long

fatty acid amines, KOH, NaOH etc. activates it's amphiphilic properties

Applications and use levels: 

  • Industrial lubricants (0.1% - 0.3%)

  • Greases (0.1% - 0.5%)

  • Rust preventive fluids (0.5% - 1.0%)

  • Metal working fluids like cutting and grinding oils (0.05% -1.0%)

  • Fuels (12-50 ppm)

  • Aerosol cans (tin/aluminum-plated cans, 0.1% - 0.3%)

Shelf Life: 12 months

Storage and Transportation: 

Stored at room temperature in closed containers. Stir thoroughly before use. Protect from frost.

Drums of 220 ltr. (200 kg net)

Containers 1000 ltr. (900 kg net)

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