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News & Updates

September 18, 2017

Export more than 8000MT of Sodium Sarcosinate

Sodium Sarcosinate is a kind of stabilizer which can be used as an auxiliary of fast dye. In addition to produce a large amount of creatine, it also can be used in the production of derivative products N- acyl sarcosine. Sodium sarcosinate has a very wide range of uses, can be used as the active agent of high-level skin care products, toothpaste, liquid shampoo, advanced medical soap and luxe toiletries. Moreover, this product is also used as an anti-rust agent for lubricating oil, fiber dyeing auxiliaries, antistatic agent, softening agent and biochemical reagent, etc.
With annual export more than 8,000Metric tons in 2017, our company has become one of the largest suppliers of Sodium Sarcosinate in China

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